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Thorens turntable mat

thorens turntable mat 00 Pro-Spin PU Leather Turntable Mat for Vinyl LP Record Players (1. The cork and rubber are perfect together, cork helps with gripping and rubber helps with dampening. 11. $ 50. $40. Also can anyone suggest the best cartridge to use with the SME ?. Write a review. I see them frequently, in great shape, for prices in the $200-$600, but perfection means spending . We like the Spec mat, or the AudioSilente Graphite mat, or the Thorens Cork mat. It has got a very silent, innovative direct drive motor in combination with an integrated phono pre amp and auto start and auto stop function. Order here: https://www. Cork-Rubber Composite Mat Upgrade Mat. $21. 1in arm with a damped . As a teenager my close friend had a Thorens TD 160 with a SME Series 2 arm. Enjoy a more luxurious look and feel when playing records by adding the brown THORENS Leather Turntable Platter Mat to your turntable. Thorens High-Quality Leather Turntable Platter Mat (Brown) /. I tried the mat on three totally different turntables. The stabilizer holds the record on the platter, helps reduce minor warps thus allowing the stylus to track and trace record grooves more effectively. FOR SALE: Thorens TD-125, TD-125 MKii Armboard for new and vintage SME Tonearms. Additionally there is still the classical belt drive, the very quiet running DC motor and a suspended “floating” chassis. Non-static platter mat consisting of fine granules (cork). Armboards are available, from 9″ -12″. Fits PRO-JECT and Rega Record Players. We adjust the clutch. Thorens TD165. Instead of a fixed cable a pair of RCA Jacks allow usage of any cable you like for connecting the TD 148A to the amp. 30 watching. These are nicely machined, with an indent for the label of your LP so your record will lay flat. The classic Thorens 160 E turntable with original Thorens TP16 MKII tonearm. Shop more products from Hudson Hi-Fi on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world. Turntable Upgrades / Parts. . I tried this mat on both my Project Debut Carbon and my Thorens turntable. Turntable Belts. The Thorens’ leather mat prevents the resonance that is often found in turntables buy absorbing the vibrations that naturally occur. Aug 13, 2021. When I remove the LP from the platter, the mat sticks to the record. One of Germany’s finest domestic turntables from the Golden Age the Thorens TD 125 is a beautiful high-quality performer which stands the test of time. Slipmat Slip Mat for Thorens or any 12" DJ Turntable Record Player BALL EYE 3. The TD700 certainly seems ripe for tuning, though. The spindle grounding path relies on the ground wire being properly hooked up to your system so don't forget that important setup step. Thorens presents the completely redesigned, fully automatic turntable TD 103 A which will replace the successful TD 240-2. Thorens TD 1601 combines everything TD 1600 brings with some additional features regarding comfort and connection to amplifiers. 99. 2kg aluminium outer platter topped by a mat, Thorens supplying rubber and optional (£75) suede types. 165” (232. Thorens was founded already in 1883, and is now a major producer of fine turntables and phono accessories along with amplifiers, preamplifiers, and loudspeakers. It features eight polished and precision balance weights. Oregon USA Stock - 0-24hr Shipping. Share. The manufacturer's 'tri-balance' damping system consists of a subchassis with three springs to support the platter. Turntables. The good news is that TD 125s are plentiful. Vinyl record aficionados know that quality is in the fine-tuned details. It’s made from high-quality leather and comes in both Black and Brown with the Thorens’ printed in the centre. This was as part of a larger turntable comparison and after this I never removed the thin felt mat, because a friend with a Thorens turntable already informed me that it did not sound very good. Pro-Ject Turntable Spare Parts. 95 USD Select options Thorens 206 Dust Cover $199. Modern Innovations, Traditional Inspiration Extremephono Speed Turntable Mat. My favorite turntable mat. Swiss Leather Turntable Mat Rega Linn Avid Pro-Ject Thorens Slipmat made in USA sold by Hudson Hi-Fi. " In addition to tracking force and overhang, the tonearm allows for the adjustment of anti-skating, azimuth and vertical tracking angle, and the cueing device can also be adjusted as needed. Comprehensive frame off mechanical and electrical restoration conducted. It is about 20 years since I used this deck and wondered if anyone can suggest what I should be doing exactly to service it (bearing oil, suspended chassis etc). This belt drive beauty is outfitted with the excellent SME 3009 tonearm, making this turntable an excellent example of the art of making vinyl sing. Thorens Leather Turntable Mat. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. accessories Thorens Power Pack 12v DC $50. 00 $ 1,450 . Thorens TD 160 E. 8mm) High-Fidelity Audiophile Acoustic Sound Support | Help Reduce Noise Due to Static and Dust This item: Thorens Platter Mat in Cork. Brand: Thorens. We can provide new studs of any length, with hardware. This sale is for an original Thorens turntable mat that was used on many tables like the TD160,TD165,TD166,TD166 Mk. Underneath this is a simply massive cast platter sporting a superbly machined and polished spindle and bearing (original literature suggests that the machining tolerance for the spindle was 1/1000mm). From the TD 125 in 1968 to the TD126, TD127, TD160, TD 226, Reference in 1980 and Prestige in 1983 they all had one thing in common, the same sub-chassis suspension concept. Fully functional. (1) $25. The star-shaped glossy MDF plinth weighs 4. How many TD 125s in all forms were produced, though, is hard to determine, but it should be noted that, in 1975, along with the TD 160, Thorens manufactured 500,000 turntables. Add to Cart. The new Thorens TD 201 is the right choice for anyone looking for a robust, easy to use plug and play turntable. "Thorens has brought a classic turntable design expertly up to date by adding an ingenious modern twist to a tried-and-tested recipe. TD124 Thrust Bearing Assembly. 00 USD Add to cart Platter Mat Cork $50. turntables Thorens TD 1601 combines everything TD 1600 brings with some additional features regarding comfort and connection to amplifiers. Add to Favorites. Although there seems to be a belief that Linn more or less invented belt-driven turntables it was actually the Thorens TD150 issued in 1965 that inspired Linn to create . 00 USD Add to cart TD 209 and 309 Dust Cover $199. Made to effectively suppress the typical resonance generated in vinyl records during playback as well as to provide a silent foundation. This allows you to play most records effectively. Unbox, put the platter with rubber mat on the spindle, set the tracking force and anti-skating and you’re almost ready to play records. 99 + £12. The Thorens TD202 is a useful lifestyle turntable offering plenty of features including that internal phono amplifier and USB socket. In the culmination of 15 years of intensive design work shaped around the Thorens TD124 . If you’re a self-proclaimed, audiophile, you’re probably invested in buying the best parts and accessories to complete your overall setup. Hudson Hi-Fi Cartridge Alignment. There is also the 16 pole synchronous motor that helps to keep the entire turntable running smoothly. $350. The later versions of TD-160 and TD-126, at the end of the nineteen seventies, had mats which supported the record in a better way and on top of it they were made of a harder rubber which contributed to a far more dynamic and precise performance. It is a 9. € 1890,- Fully Upgraded and pro Serviced Black TD321 in Excellent Condition incl. FREE Shipping. From Jake’s Turntable Mats, a company known for making various turntable mats, the Premium Leather Deer Hide Turntable Mat is an excellent high-end mat. Thorens Parts for TD-160, TD-145, TD-125, TD-147, TD-165, TD-166 turntables. 00g Blue LCD Backlight for Tonearm Phono Cartridge. On the Thorens + Rega RB250 + Goldring Epic. Construction Material. THORENS TD 206 Turntable with THORENS Cartridge, Dustcover (Macassar Finish) $1,450. Platter Mat Cork. 00 FREE shipping. com/garrard. THORENS TD 1600 Fully Manual Two-Speed Stereo Turntable (High Gloss Black) TD1600BKHG *Save The Tax Instantly! Use B&H Payboo to get an instant rebate on the Tax amount. Thorens Leather Turntable Mat - Black. A few tweaks will aid the sonics, that’s for sure and, if you’re prepared to do that, you’ll have yourself a turntable that will produce admirable detail retrieval. STEREO tests the first turntable of a new Thorens generation. Vintage Thorens Turntable Record Duster. 01g/5. 00 USD Add to cart Platter Mat Cork & Rubber $60. $79. £74. Be the first to Write a Review for this item! Initially the mats on Thorens turntables were not too good. I am in the process of renovating my old Thorens DT160 and SME 3009 series 2 arm. Thorens collection. It is an advantageous alternative to plastic and felt platter mat models. Exclusive plate mat made from high-quality leather. 19. In the Box. 78 rpm are available for playing old shellac records. I only bought it because there's some reviews out there that claim it helps with static. Print. Great quality sound and served me well until, after a couple of cartridge upgrades, I . Thorens is back! Review sample supplied by LookenListen, distributor for the Benelux Retail prices in the NL, including 21% VAT: TD1600 – 2. The Thorens TD-165 was the Swiss company’s entry level in the mid 70s; in Italy it used to cost around 95 thousand Lire. I've tried it under and over the stock rubber mat (on a Sansui turntable), and on its own. 93. 0. My belt drive turntable has a platter that weighs over 3Kg, I don't think a "heavy" mat would make much difference. The result is a turntable with a highly impressive sound at the price, with none of the softness of the original. Pre-fitted to the deck is the TP92 tonearm. $15. The Thorens TD 160 is the top classic model from the 1970s. Turntable ready within weks 21 /22 . The Thorens TD 402 DD comes as out of the box solution for easy use. Thorens logo. 99 P&P + £12. It's been four months now since I have bought my thorens 160 mk2, and with various upgrades I brought it to a very satisfying level : new thorens carbon fiber mat, J. The Thorens Turntable Stabilizer is designed to improve the playback performance of turntables. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. This turntable is sold, but you can order the same. A. The 2. The Mark-3 material is provided with the purchase of complete Speed Donut or Standard Mat. We can also make an upgrade according to your wishes. Thorens makes the tonearm especially for this turntable; it is made of rolled aluminum augmented by what Thorens calls "random-mass dampening. If you need a shipping cost, make sure to include your postal code when contacting me. 99 USD Add to cart Thorens T-Shirt $29. In Stock. Turntable Setup Tools. I was jealous. All that I could muster from my meagre pocket money was a Trio KD1033B, and whilst that turntable was well respected in the hi-fi magazines of the day as a starter spinner it could never compete with the Swiss made Thorens, a turntable considered as one of the best in the 70’s. It is in very good shape. More Details. 999 euro. Out of interest we substitute a Linn felt mat in place of the standard Thorens mat: this too improves the performance but not to the same extent. Turntable Upgrades and Kits. 8mm) and an effective mass of 11gm. 11. Conductive! Carbon Fiber Infused Turntable Platter Mat. Far from simple entry level standard Thorens TD 402 DD uses state of the art technology together with ease of use and perfect sound. Turntable Covers. Platter Mat Cork quantity. Product Code: Leather Mat Brown. Thorens has designed an easy to use “plug and play” turntable that includes an excellent “old school” glossy perfect-bound manual. The TD-160 is universally renown as a turntable still worth of modern top-level HiFi system. The topmost is a relatively lightweight affair, aluminum with an attached rubber mat and captive 45RPM large hole adapter sprung in place. No cartridge included. Vinyl Nirvana - Vintage AR and Thorens Turntable Sales, Parts, and Restorations We recommend the removal of the original mat, and installation of our upper platter mat adapter which enables the use of any turntable mat. TD124 Platter Mat Adapter. This turntable is in pretty good condition, a little scuffing on the top deck, they seem tot be noted for having an easily marked finish as compared tot the TD160. 12/11/2019 Record Doctor VI optimized In the sixth generation of Record Doctor's manual record washing machine, the suction function has been optimized and the noise level reduced. This affordable mat is resistant to static and dust and reduces vibrations, decreasing the quality of sound produced. Graham Engineering High End Tonearm and new AT-33EV MC Cartridge – Additional new RIAA, Thorens MM-008 and new TX2020 Dust Cover included. How To Clean a Turntable Mat. Though it may look like a rigid turntable, this Thorens TD 309 is in fact a suspended turntable. Apart from a number of outings in the 70s, when Thorens also made speakers, cassette decks and amplifiers, in 2019 Thorens is a turntable-only brand; it also sells related products such as phono preamplifiers. Sold by Neoteck US and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Thorens TD 160, Rega RB300, Denon DL-311LC, Salas Folded Simplistic Phono, Mezmerize DC-B1, Pluto II We recommend the removal of the original mat, and installation of our upper platter mat adapter which enables the use of any turntable mat. Yes, a half-million. 499 euro TD1601 – 2. Expected availability: 2-4 weeks. Supplied with the TD 309 turntable [HFN Jun '10], this design was devised in conjunction with Germany's Fink Audio Consulting. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. 00 USD Add to cart Thorens Power Pack 15/16v AC $50. 00 USD. . $55. By placing this mat on your turntable with the carbon fiber sheet side facing UP, the center hole of the sheet should make enough contact with your center spindle to discharge static electricity across the entire top surface of your new mat so when you place a . Thorens TD 160, Rega RB300, Denon DL-311LC, Salas Folded Simplistic Phono, Mezmerize DC-B1, Pluto II This sale is for an original Thorens turntable mat that was used on many tables like the TD160,TD165,TD166,TD166 Mk. THORENS THRMATLBR Overview. First an old Thorens TD 160S with Rega arm, an Acoustic solid and my own Opera LP 5. 2m RCA + Earth Ground Cable Lead Wire Phono Male Amp Eliminate . Paul Hart's Concerto For Guitar and Jazz Orchestra showed the TD280II in an excellent light. FOR SALE: Thorens TD110 mint condition in original box. Price is firm. Request Stock Alert. The Thorens TD-160 MK II turntable uses a floating sub-chassis as well as a belt drive that could run at 2 speeds, which is at 33 1/3 and at 45 rpm. Thorens TD321 + Graham Engineering Tonearm + AT-33EV MC + Thorens MM-008 RIAA. More on the Way. Turntable 1. II, etc etc. The ‘table sets up in minutes. The arm came with the small anti-skating weight, more than enough to match most cartridges' vertical tracking force. $75. Thorens TD124 factory restored primary aluminum clutch platter and refurbished rubber mat. The current generation of Thorens therefore reads “Made in Germany”. 2 Kg. Black Acrylic Turntable Platter Mat. Pro-Spin. I've had good results with cork. THORENS Leather Turntable Platter Mat (Brown) Limited 2-Year Warranty. THORENS THRMATLBR Specs. New New New. THORENS TD 148 A Turntable. Michell clamp, new stylus (on a shure v15 type 4). Wooden plinth covered with natural rosewood veneer and shellac polish. 10. C $20. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Classical wooden plinth, two-part platter with inner belt and thick rubber mat, powerful motor control unit, arm board and acrylic dust cover are expanded by balanced outputs and functions for easier handling. QC. Platter mat leather, brown Thorens Turntable Platter Mat - TD 160 165 Genuine, Original Record Mat. facebook. 00 shipping. It was an excellent first step and jumped me past the more plastic Japanese starter turntables of the day. 3 Kg platter is made of melted silica and is covered with a wool felt mat. Made from high-quality leather and suede, it is durable and nice to look at. Ships from and sold by AudioExchange. As well as all the mats Sonic Voice also produces a leather display bag with two compartments to put up to 30 records inside, and their “Absorber-Mat Jumbo” which is a pad to place under your turntable to dampen vibrations and resonances, available in different sizes. The TP 90 is a 9” tonearm with an effective length of 9. Local pickup is fine. $19. Thorens turntables TD158 and TD170 are good entry level turntables, while Thorens TD206, TD209 and TD309 are perfrect for more serious listening. Turntable DUAL 1218 - made in the early '70s. 00 USD … Accessories Read More » The Thorens came with a rubber mat but a thin felt mat was in use on it ever since the comparison with a Linn LP12 which also came with a thin felt mat. It is . Neoteck Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale Gauge 0. Perspex Acrylic Turntable Platter Mat. Fluance. The Thorens TD166 was my first deck back some 35yrs ago. 11/13/2019 Base and leather mat from Thorens To decouple the record player from the ground, Thorens launches the absorber plate TAB1600 in December. Project Turntable Record Clamp - Pro-Ject. In turn, the subplatter supports a 2. Add to cart. Be the first to Write a Review for this item! My favorite turntable mat. 99 P&P. Turntable mats. The Thorens platter mat is the perfect way to give your old Thorens turntable a new lease of life or add a finishing touch to a more recent model. Thorens TD124 factory chassis plate sand blasted, stripped and professionally repainted using premium PPG automotive paint. Conclusion. 00. The new Thorens TP 71 tonearm uses a detachable headshell with preconfigured AT 3600 cartridge. *** A GENUINE THORENS CORK PLATTER MAT - NO CARDBOARD PACKAGING, ONLY PLASTIC *** Non-static platter mat consisting of fine granules (cork). I bought it from a Comet type place with a medium range Technics amplifier and AR18 speakers. Vibes Audio Lab Turntable Mat Rubber/HD Cork (Thorens,Linn,Rega,Pro-ject) $69. Thorens Felt Platter Mat. Thorens offers optional mats made of felt, cork, or a compound of cork and natural rubber. 30 watchers 30 . Owners of turntables with felt mats such as Regas can get a 3 mm thick mat which is a straight swap with any felt mat, but the thinner mat will be less effective. Find your replacement or upgrade Thorens parts here, as well as the expert advice to successfully perform the repair, mod, or service. Thorens Logo Felt Mat Analogue @ Hifisound Ltd. Thorens TAB1600 Absorber base for turntables Three-layer sandwich base for effective decoupling of the turntable. New Product and upgrade announcement: 2009 - we have completely re-designed the None-Felt Mat as Mark III. $14. Thorens used to ship what at its time was their flagship model (the TD125) with a floppy rubber mat which to this day is still despised by owners everywhere, so don't be so sure about that. Servicing a Thorens TD160B turntable. All in all, it cost me around 475 CDN (roughly 400 USD nowadays) for all of. Acoustically optimised turntable by resonance dampening. " – Adam Smith, Hi-Fi News, Outstanding Product review. Free Lifetime Technical Assistance. Vintage AR and Thorens Turntable Sales, Parts, and Restorations. Also, to ensure that the entire production of . Thorens leather platter mat is designed to acoustically optimise your turntable by resonance dampening. The only difference is that the wooden pattern could be a little bit different. Extremephono Speed Turntable Mat. Thorens Turntables. It was 1965 when the suspended sub-chassis Thorens TD150 was released, which rapidly became the blueprint for a whole succession of very successful and high-end turntables. None of the other mats I've tried have that issue. It comes with a smooth running belt drive and a aluminium platter with rubber mat. The TD-165 makes simplicity its strength: a few things but done well. A felt mat is supplied in place of the usual heavy rubber Thorens mat, and the deck's rubber decoupling feet provide acceptable isolation from external vibration. Enjoy a more luxurious look and feel when playing records by adding the black THORENS Leather Turntable Platter Mat to your turntable. From my experience, it actually increases static. Its armtube of rolled aluminum is damped using reduced modal resonance (RMR) to keep the arm from ringing at its resonant frequencies. bobDesign2. [Pre Order - allow extra time] THORENS TD 1600 Fully Manual Two-Speed Stereo Turntable (High Gloss Black) Plays 33 1/3 and 45 rpm Vinyl Records, TP 92 Straight Tonearm, Stereo XLR & Stereo RCA Out, Adjustable Belt Tension more FOR SALE: Thorens TD110 mint condition in original box. Initially the mats on Thorens turntables were not too good. thorens turntable mat